„Key messages“ des G20-Gipfels in Hamburg

Jul 17, 2017
A reef knot as the symbol of the G20 summit in Hamburg Enlarge image The official G20 logo (© BPA)

Main messages from the G20 Summit in Hamburg on 7 and 8 July 2017
                                  “Shaping an interconnected world”

The G20 underlines multilateralism:
“We can achieve more together than by acting alone.” (Preamble)

1. The G20 commits itself to the rules-based international trading system and to the

The G20 rejects protectionism and intends to fight unfair trade practices within the
WTO and strengthen the WTO.

The G20 wants to strengthen its cooperation to find collective solutions to the
problem of excess capacity in industrial sectors, especially steel, in order to
prevent unilateral measures. It agreed that concrete policy solutions should be
developed rapidly to reduce excess capacity; the Global Forum is to make
recommendations by November 2017, with all members providing information by

The G20 commits to achieving sustainable global supply chains and will work
towards establishing national action plans on business and human rights.

2. All G20 members – with the exception of the US – state that the Paris Agreement is
irreversible and reaffirm their strong commitment to the Paris Agreement, moving
swiftly towards its full implementation.

The G20, apart from the US, adopts the G20 Hamburg Climate and Energy Action
Plan for Growth, and operationalises the implementation of the goals of the Paris
Agreement, including carbon pricing, implementation of Nationally Determined
Contributions, climate risk insurance, disclosure of climate-related financial risks,
creation of an Energy Efficiency Hub.

The G20 launches two initiatives: the G20 Marine Litter Action Plan and the G20
Resource Efficiency Dialogue.

3. The G20 endorses the G20 Africa Partnership

G20 participants from Africa: South Africa, African Union chair (Guinea), NEPAD

The G20 endorses the Compact with Africa initiative to enhance investment

The G20 launches a Rural Youth Employment initiative.

The G20 intends to improve access to ICT for girls in Africa (#eSkills4Girls).

4. The G20 stands united in the fight against terrorism

The G20 will intensify its implementation of international obligations on
countering terrorism and to enhance cooperation.

The G20 fights terrorism financing and strengthens the FATF to that end.

The G20 intends to counter radicalisation and the use of the internet for terrorist

5. The G20 will continue to cooperate on digitalisation and adopts the G20 Roadmap
for Digitalisation
The aim is to ensure that all citizens are digitally connected by 2025.

The G20 aims to further develop rules on digital trade within the WTO framework.

6. The G20 is not lowering its sights in regulating international financial markets

The G20 will work to finalise the Basel III framework.

The G20 is applying pressure in the field of international tax transparency and
cutting the number of non-cooperative jurisdictions to one.

7. The G20 stands united behind the multilateral approach of the 2030 Agenda

The G20 adopts the Hamburg Update, a catalogue of measures for the
implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The G20 endorses the Hamburg Principles and Ambitions to mobilise private
capital for sustainable development.

8. The G20 calls for a global research initiative in the fight against antimicrobial
resistance (R&D Collaboration Hub)
This platform (Hub) is intended to improve the international coordination of

The G20 supports the strengthening of health systems worldwide and of health
crisis management.

9. The G20 launches a multilateral fund to support women entrepreneurs in
developing countries
The Women Entrepreneurs Financing Initiative (We-Fi) will be housed at the
World Bank Group and will have start-up capital of 325 million US dollars.
Brisbane goal: reduce the gender gap in labour force participation by 25 percent
by 2025.

10. The G20 addresses the root causes of displacement and improves integration

The G20 supports the UN Global Compacts on Refugees and for Safe, Orderly and
Regular Migration.

The G20 endorses the G20 Policy Practices for the Fair and Effective Labour
Market Integration of Regular Migrants and Recognized Refugees and requests an
annual monitoring report.

Find out more about the G20 here: www.g20.org

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G20-Gipfel in Hamburg