The Energiewende: Secure, sustainable and affordable energy for the 21st century

Oct 29, 2015
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The Energiewende is Germany’s path to a secure, environmentally friendly and economically successful future. It represents the decision to fully overhaul Germany‘s energy supply, moving away from nuclear energy in favour of renewable energy sources. The aim is that by 2030, half of the country’s energy supply will be provided by sun, wind etc. At the same time, the plan is for this energy to be used ever more efficiently. By the middle of the century, energy consumption should be reduced by half. Contrary to widespread beliefs the Energiewende goes beyond the power sector and also includes the heating, transport and building sector.

In order for the Energiewende to become an ecological and economic success story, energy must remain affordable and the supply secure. This is the only way for our citizens to continue to support the Energiewende and for Germany to remain competitive as a location of industry.

Goals of the Energiewende – an overview:

The Energiewende aims

  •  ... to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases,
  •  ... to become the driving force for investment modernisation in Germany as a location for industry and to contribute to innovation, growth and employment,
  •  ... to make Germany more independent of oil and gas imports in the long term,
  •  ... to enable the gradual phase-out of nuclear energy until 2022.

For more information, please download the flyer The Energiewende: Secure, sustainable and affordable energy for the 21st century [pdf, 3,496.37k]

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The Energiewende