Full notarization of a document

Richter mit Gesetzbuch Enlarge image (© colourbox) The full notarization is the "stronger" form to set up an official document. While notarizing a deed, the consular officer also confirms the identity of the person appearing, but he will furthermore provide advice to the person signing about the legal meaning and consequences of the declaration to be notarized.

The full notarization in accordance with German law cannot be lawfully executed by a Singaporean notary public.

The text to be fully notarized will be drafted by the German Embassy on the basis of the information provided by you in advance, possibly (but not necessarily) on the basis of a draft by a German notary or lawyer. The notarization can not be done ad hoc, but only after arranging an appointment prior to the notarization.


* irrevocable power of attorney relating to real estate matters

* sworn affidavit (e.g. in pension matters, etc.)

* application for a certificate of inheritance

Inheritance Matters

* deed regarding acknowledgement of paternity

Achknowledgement of paternity

* deed regarding child support.

Required documents

Required documents for a notarization
Valid passport
Residence permit for Singapore
if applicable, power of attorney
Additional documents as agreed with the consular officer in consultation


The fee for the notarization depends on the value of the legal transaction it is needed for and can be enquired in advance. The fees have to be paid in Singapore Dollars when submitting the application. 

The fees will be converted into SGD according to the current exchange rate of the Embassy. You may pay in cash or with credit card (Visa, Master). If you pay with credit card, the transaction will be processed in EUR. Further bank fees may apply.