Genealogy and Search services

Genealogy and search services in Germany

Please note that the German Embassy cannot assist with genealogical research. Please consult the English manual of the German Association of Genealogists (see right side). Suche Enlarge image (© colourbox) The manual contains the contact data of German institutions who can assist with genealogic inquiries or the location of missing persons in Germany.

The Embassy is not in a position to recommend any special one of the services listed below and that fees may occur, which would have to be supported by you.

For in-depth research it may be advisable to consult the services of a professional genealogist. You may contact the following association:

German Association of Genealogists

Other organisations:

German Red Cross - International search service

German Center for Genealogy

German Association of Genealogical Unions

Central Archive for the Research on the History of Jews in Germany

German Emigrant Database

International Social Service

Familie International Frankfurt e.V.

Commercial Search Service: Wiedersehen macht Freude

Genealogy/Finding a person in Singapore

For information on how to find a person in Singapore, please refer to the German version of our website:

Personenermittlung und Ahnenforschung

Genealogy and search services

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