Life events

Throughout our life, we may experience many important events such as getting married or having a baby. The Embassy offers a range of resources and services to assist you with some of the administrative aspects of these events.



A German citizen being parent of a child born in Singapore can register the birth at the German Registrar’s office ("Standesamt“) and apply for German Birth Certificates through the German Embassy. Read more…


Military Service in Germany

On July 1, the 2011 Military Law Amendment Act entered into force. After more than 50 years of compulsory military service, the Bundeswehr no longer drafts conscripts. Young men and women now have the option of enlisting as volunteers for up to 23 months. Read more...



If you are moving to Singapore, you may register at the German Embassy and get a translation for your German driver's license. It is also possible to obtain a certificate of good conduct for your new employer if you have lived in Germany before. Read more...



Marriage in Singapore is recognized by German authorities; however for legal proof your marriage certificate has to be legalized. Read more...


Recognition of Divorce

The place at which the marriage was solemnized does not automatically determine which court will have jurisdiction over the case or which law will be applied on divorce proceedings. Read more…


Pension Matters

German authorities mainly pay two different kinds of pensions: (1) Old age pensions for working in Germany and (2) compensation pensions (e.g. for incarceration in a German concentration camp). Read more...


Death of a relative: corpse/urn transport permit

Germany has very strict laws on how to handle human remains. As a general rule, all coffins and urns have to be buried in specially licensed graveyards. Read more…


Inheritance matters

An heir has to prove his/her legal right by a certificate of inheritance which is issued by the competent German probate court upon notarized application. Read more…


Genealogy and Search services

Please note that the German Embassy cannot assist with genealogical research. Please consult the English language manual of the German Association of Genealogists. Read more…

Life events

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