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German passports contain a chip with the holder's fingerprints, which will be taken electronically at the time of the application. Therefore it is required that the applicant appears in person at the German Embassy. 

It is not possible to extend an expired passport. Instead the German Embassy will issue a new document.

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Frau mit Reisepass

Application procedure

If you are a German citizen residing in Singapore, you can apply for a German passport at the German Embassy. Read more about the application procedure...

Pass in Hosentasche

Passport for Adults

Please read the following information to find out which documents you need for your passport application.

Kind in Kiste

Passport for minors

The German Embassy in Singapore issues children’s passports (Kinderreisepass) and biometric passports for children. Please carefully read the information if you want to apply for a passport for your child...

Reisehinweise für Minderjährige

Travelling with minors across the German border

Minors crossing the border to or from Germany have to carry a valid passport. When travelling alone, children need to produce a certified declaration of consent. Read more...

Declaration of name change

German civil law does not allow a change of name, unless the name change took place due to marriage, divorce or adoption. Name changes have to be officially declared for German jurisdiction. Read more...


Lost or stolen passport

Have you lost your passport? Please carefully read the following information before applying for a new passport...