Domestic and Foreign Policy

The Reichstag at night

Politics in Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic, federal and social constitution state. Together with the basic rights, these principles form the inviolable core of the constitution, adherence to whic...

Flaggen vor dem Europa-Parlament in Straßburg

Germany in the European Union

With its central location at the heart of today’s European Union (EU) Germany enjoys a special benefit from living in peace and harmony with its neighbors. It is in Germany’s interest for Europe to be...

Germany and Singapore

Bilateral relations between the two countries are good. They rest on a firm basis of cooperation at various levels, both bilaterally and multilaterally.

Junge Menschen aus aller Welt in traditionellen Kostümen mit Landesfahnen

International policies

Since 1945 Germany's role in the wider world has changed radically. The country is no longer the "enemy state" of 1945 or the accession state of 1973 and especially since unification, it has developed...

Domestic and Foreign Policy

Reichstagsgebäude mit Flagge

The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sigmar Gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel