Germany in the European Union

Flaggen vor dem Europa-Parlament in Straßburg Enlarge image (© picture-alliance / dpa) With its central location at the heart of today’s European Union (EU) Germany enjoys a special benefit from living in peace and harmony with its neighbors.
It is in Germany’s interest for Europe to be a vibrant continent, in economic terms as well. The integration process has proved to be a suitable basis for ensuring peace, prosperity and security.
In 1957 the signing of the Treaty of Rome on establishing a European Economic Community spelled the beginning of the success story of European integration. It focused on developing the economies of Western Europe by strengthening and deepening cooperation and promoting trade among the founder nations.

Europaeische Union

The European Union

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The EU now consists of 28 member states

Ten reasons for Europe

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Germany in the European Union

Reichstagsgebäude mit Flagge

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