1. Germany and Singapore - Celebrating 50 years of bilateral relations
  2. Brandenburger Tor in Berlin Germany – always worth a visit!
  3. Young Reserachers 2010 Germany - Land of Ideas!

Germany and Singapore - Celebrating 50 years of bilateral relations

In August 1965, Singapore left the Malayan Federation due to economical, political and ethnical divergencies. The small island became the independent Republic of Singapore. The Federal Republic of Germany almost immediately took up diplomatic relations with the city state. As a consequence, the hitherto German Consulate General was upgraded to an Embassy. To celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations the German Embassy and its partners have organized a number of events.

Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

Germany – always worth a visit!

German cities have something to offer for everyone: museums, theatres, history, new and older architecture, shopping, local and inter­national food, etc. The largest cities in include Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Dresden. However, the smaller ones too, like Heidelberg, Mainz, Würzburg, Weimar or Quedlinburg, are certainly worth spending several days

Young Reserachers 2010

Germany - Land of Ideas!

In Germany, the "Land of Ideas", we place major emphasis on education, science research and development. This makes Germany one of the most popular countries in which to study, as well as a site for state-of-the-art research and patent development.

Outlook on the G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Lübeck

German Foreign Minister Frank‑Walter Steinmeier will be hosting his counterparts from the G7 states as well as the EU High Representative in Lübeck on 14 and 15 April 2015. The Foreign Ministers Meeting is taking place within the framework of Germany’s G7 Presidency.


Portrait of Günter Grass (1927 - 2015)

Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the death of Günter Grass

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement on the 13th of April in response to news that Günter Grass had passed away: In Günter Grass, Germany has lost one of its true greats today.

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Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue: Strategies for an International Energy Transition

Politicians, business executives, and experts from around the world discuss joint strategies to protect the climate at the first international energy transition conference held at Germany’s Foreign Ministry.

Lee Kuan Yew - A long-lasting friendship with Germany

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (1923 - 2015) and founding father of modern Singapore passed on peacefully on 23 March 2015. Germany will always remember him as a great statesman and a trusted frie...

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew meets Federal Chancellor Willy Brand. Bonn, 1970.

Singapurs Premierminister Lee in Bonn 1970

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his wife Kwa Geok Choo in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, 1970.

Lee Kuan Yew

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in Bonn, 1979.

Singapurs Ministerpräsident Lee Kuan Yew in Bonn 1979

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in Bonn, 1980.

Singapurs Ministerpräsident Lee Kuan Yew in Bonn 1980

Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Singapore, 1995.

Kohl - Lee

Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder visits Singapore, 2003.

Bundeskanzler Schr�der besucht Singapur trotz SARS

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Singapore, 2008.

Steinmeier visits Singapore

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Singapore, 2011.

German Chancellor Merkel in Singapore

SBR International Business Awards - Call for Nominations

Singapore Business Review International Business Awards is an initiative to recognize the contributions of International firms to SEA economies. On its second year, the awards is back to honour first-...

The city of Frankfurt am Main

Science Year 2015 focuses on the City of the Future

Cities are the most popular place to live for most people today. The number of urban dwellers is increasing daily. Life in the city is attractive, not least thanks to the results of science and resear...

Skyline in Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt tops Sustainable Cities Index

Frankfurt and Berlin are among the most sustainable cities in the world, according to a new index based on social, environmental and economic criteria among 50 cities from 31 countries. The research ...

Berchtesgaden mit Kehlsteinhaus, Salzbergwerk und Nationalpark

Germany – always worth a visit!

Planning a trip to Germany and looking to inform yourself before you go? The German National Tourist Board uses its website to provide extensive and well‑presented information about towns and cities, culture, events, leisure activities and business trips. Discover Destination Germany through the multimedia prism of www.germany.travel.

Germany has the best international reputation

After a gap of six years, Germany is again top of the Nation Brands Index, which assesses the international reputation of 50 states – their attractiveness in various categories such as economy, qualit...

Studierende mit Laptop

Working, training and studying in Germany

Germany is an attractive immigration destination. This country is open to qualified professionals, students and researchers moving here from all over the world. 

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Welcoming Immigrants to Germany

Germany welcomes immigrants. But do they really feel welcome? What can the Germans do to help immigrants establish a new home? German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and guests debated how to create a new welcome culture for Germany at a podium discussion in Stuttgart.

The Ambassador

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Singapore: His Excellency Dr Michael WITTER.
Curriculum Vitae

Discover Germany in Singapore

Essen in Deutschland

Experience the many facets of German culture in Singapore, meet the German expat community, or build up your network with German business partners. Here you will find the right information.

News and Information from Germany

Financial Times Deutschland

You would like to get current news on Germany? Or you are looking for some information about the country? Here you find some relevant links!

Video Archive

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Cutting-edge International Research in Germany: The x-ray laser European XFEL

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Science on Stage: Science Slam

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Training for the Fast Track Diplomatic Service

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Behind the scenes at the Berlinale: The interpreters

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Tourists work as volunteers for homeless people

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Dresden Flies the Flag for Openness and Tolerance

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Season's Greetins from the German Foreign Office

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Schwibbögen: a Christmas woodcraft from the Erzgebirge mountains

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Frohes Fest und guten Rutsch

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The club scene of Berlin

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It's the World Wide Web's 25th anniversary - so what does the Internet mean to Germans?

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The baking diploma for non-Germans

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Destination Germany: Climbing in the Sächsische Schweiz

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CrossCulture: Intercultural Dialogue with the Islamic World

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Genscher and the Refugees at the Prague Embassy in 1989

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Stumbling Blocks - Commemorate Nazi Victims

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“Made in Germany” – The Future of the Brand

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Destination Germany: Sailing in Brandenburg

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Learning German at PASCH schools

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A World Cup Living Room in your Local Football Stadium

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Saving the Angkor Wat Temple Complex Anmoderation: The

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Commemorating the fall of the Berlin wall 25 years ago

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The Golden Letter from Myanmar

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21st International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart

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Comedy in Germany

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Berlinale 2014 – European Film Market sets a new record

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Food Safety in Germany - One Focus of Green Week 2014

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German Beer - Centuries of Tradition

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Christmas Markets – a German Tradition

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Germany celebrates 40 years as a member of the UN

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Elections in Germany

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Best of Germany: Riesling Wine

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